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Ph2 on the front page of Permafrost Today!

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"Ô toi ma sœur", the first single from the forthcoming album, Season 5, is released!

"Ô toi ma sœur" ("O You My Sister") deals with the miserable fate of people forced to leave their country to try to find asylum in a place where they hope to be safe and live a happy life. These words were inspired to Philippe Mercier by the unbearable images seen on television or on the Internet, by the number of deaths announced coldly by the media, which are as many people whose lives have been shattered, by the sight of these people stranded in camps or on the sidewalks of our cities. But this text was also inspired by our collective indifference to the fate of these people. The emotion aroused by the images is ephemeral. We prefer not to see and we continue to live in indifference.
Philippe Moati's music is however cheerful. The structure of the song is built around a simple rhythmic base played on a 12-string guitar. The orchestration becomes richer as the song progresses, taking on a world music coloring, with sounds of bagpipes and drums.
Clara Moati, 18 years old, sings here on her first single. She puts a lot of emotion in it. Her final flight in head voice gives you goose bumps every time you listen to it...
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Season 5, le 5ème album de Ph2 est sorti ! Season 5, the Ph2's 5th album is released !

Le CD comporte 11 morceaux. Avec les voix de Clara Moati, Jean-Pierre Hadida, Hippolyte Giraud-Nicolas et Frédéric Chénuet. 

Vente directe sur simple demande à ph2.rockprog@free.fr : 10 € + frais de port

Bientôt sur tous les sites de streaming (avec un morceau en bonus).

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New album out!

20 years after Portraits de famille, here is the new Ph2's album : 20 years after...


9 tracks. 5 singers for 5 songs.

Available on your streaming site and on iTune soon.

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The new Ph2's album is coming very soon...

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